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Prevention is vital for maintaining health. Periodic clinical evaluations, complemented by different investigations, not only confirm the good condition of the organism, but also from a preventive point of view, make possible the early diagnosis of clinical humoral alterations or diseases that in the initial stage have a complete medical solution at the same time as Simple, in men, women and children of different ages.

Some people have chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, among others and these are usually associated with risk factors that can produce different complications if not properly controlled.

In children, periodic medical evaluations involve considerations of age-specific characteristics. This is a stage of life where growth and development mark and define the physical, emotional and intellectual future of the human being; Hence monitoring the evolution of these aspects is vital.
Note:The prices listed in each medical treatment are the same that the prices officially published by Cuban Medical Services. However, the final cost of a medical program, issued by a medical institution, will always depend on each patient particularity.
Medical checkups

Executive medical evaluation. (Man- Woman)

Ambulatory medical evaluation Woman
Ambulatory medical evaluation Man
Integral Ambulatory medical evaluation Woman
Integral Ambulatory medical evaluation Man
Patients' Evaluation with Arterial Hypertension
Cardiovascular medical evaluation
Medical Toco-Gynecological Evaluation
Gynecological medical evaluation for climateric or menopause
Pedriatric Basic evaluation
Patients' Evaluation with Diabetes Mellitus

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