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Tratamientos médicos

Main programs we offer you

Executive medical evaluation
Treatment for vitiligo Addiction Rehabilitation Program
Ambulatory medical evaluation Man
Treatment for Psoriasis  Addiction Rehabilitation Program: Recycling
Ambulatory medical evaluation Woman
Treatment for Alopecia
Integral medical evaluation Man
Integral medical evaluation Woman
Cardiovascular medical evaluation
Therapy for the cancer of lung with monoclonal antibodies (Cimavax egf)
Neuro-restorative multifactorial Treatment, Intensive and Personalized, based on the principle of the neuro-plasticity to achieve the structural and functional recovery of the disabled nervous system, which is applied by multidisciplinary teams of high qualification under the guidance of a neurologist, in its 5 clinics specialized by pathologie
Patients' Evaluation with Arterial Hypertension
Therapy for the cancer of lung with monoclonal antibodies (Vaxira)
Medical Toco-Gynecological Evaluation
Therapy for the cancer of head and neck with monoclonal antibodies (nimotuzumab)
Gynecological medical evaluation
Pedriatric Basic evaluation  
Patients' Evaluation with Diabetes Mellitus
Study of illnesses of biliary tracts and pancreas
Study of the hepatic cirrhosis
Whitening Dental Program Innovative therapy with HEBERPROT-P, a safe and effective Cuban drug for the treatment of complex diabetic foot ulcers.
General evaluation of digestive illnesses
Dental Implant Program
Pediatric stomatologic check
Executive Estomatologico Check
Stomatological checkup to the Elderly
Cerebral Glioma Surgery
Elective cesarean section
Neuralgy of the trigeminal nerve surgery
Initial study of fertility
Integral attention to the elderly adult with disorder of memory

Eutocic delivery

Evaluation and integral gerorevitalizing treatment in the elderly adult (man)

Other Treatment

Retinosis Pigmentaria treatment
Evaluation and integral gerorevitalizing treatment in the elderly adult (woman)


Internal Medicine
Orthopedic surgery
Ophthalmology treatment
Evaluation and treatment of the depression in the elderly adult
Minimal access surgery
Pediatrics treatment
General Surgery
Evaluation and functional rehabilitation in the elderly adult with illness of parkinson
Rehabilitation treatments
Spine surgery
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Cardiovascular Surgery
Transplantology programs

Our Staff will facilitate the arrangements for the reservation of your medical appointment in the Center at no cost and will offer you accommodation services in the hotel of your choice, rental houses, Transfer to the medical center.

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Addictions Treatment

Treatment for Vitiligo

Treatment for Retinosis Pigmentaria

Medical checkups

Treatment for Psoriasis

Treatment for alopecia

Treatment for Cancer

Treatment diabetic foot ulcer

Other Treatment


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